• EVOLVEO StrongPhone F5, waterproof, rugged push-button mobile phone

Flip design, IP68, 2.4" and 1.44 " display, dual Sim, SOS button and large push-buttons, microSDHC, and 1200 mAh battery

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Code: SGP-F5-B
Category: Rugged push-button phones
Konstrukce: Tlačítkový, Véčko
Typ: Odolný, Outdoorový, Pracovní
Konektivita: Jack 3.5 mm, USB micro
Konfigurace SIM: Dual SIM + paměťová karta
Odolnost: Voděodolný, Vodotěsný
Stupeň krytí: IP68
EAN: 8595683200271
Obj.kód: SGM SGP-F5

Waterproof rugged phone with a 2.4" and 1.44" display

Thanks to its robust construction and IP68 certification, the EVOLVEO StrongPhone F5 is great for everyone who needs a phone resistant to rough handling and harsh conditions. The phone can be submerged in 1 m of water for 30 minutes, and its extremely tough construction resists dust, mud, and even falls. The secondary 1.44" display indicates incoming calls, date, time, missed calls and text messages, and battery status. Everything else appears on the and easy-to-read 2.4" main display.

EVOLVEO StrongPhone F5

SOS button and large numbers

The rugged phone is equipped with a SOS button for cases of emergency contact with others, and the font size can be set to large to make operation easier.




With separate buttons for the music player and integrated radio, and a powerful loudspeaker, the phone makes a great buddy on the construction site, in the workshop, or on holiday, and the flashlight, camera, calendar, alarm and E-book reader are added confirmation. Listening to FM radio does not require plugging in earphones – there is an antenna already integrated in the phone. Automatic radio station tuning and a great listening experience from the high-quality loudspeaker mean even greater user comfort.



Dual SIM and large battery

You can have two active SIM cards in your phone. It has a flashlight and high-capacity battery that provides enough power to last a long time between charges. Advanced software allows you to reject a call after opening the phone.
For outdoor and sports activities, working on construction sites and in workshops, or at the summit of a mountain – it will not let you down!



Two displays for a better picture

A primary 2.4" display with 240 x 320 px resolution is resistant against scratches and pressure. The 1.44" colour secondary display shows information on calls, text messages and battery status



IP68 waterproof specification

Waterproof certification according to the IP68 standard, which means dustproof and waterproof when submerged under 1.2 m (4 ft) of water for 30 minutes.


• resistant against impact and vibrations thanks to a resilient flip design
• separate buttons for SOS, radio, and music player
• main 2.4" display with 240 x 320 px resolution, resistant against scratching and pressure
• secondary 1.44" colour display with information on calls, text messages, and battery status, etc.

• dual SIM – two standard SIM cards
• you can choose to switch on only one SIM card
• GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• 1.3 Mpx camera
• Bluetooth
• supports microSDHC cards
• FM radio without the necessity of using headphones
• flashlight
• calendar
• alarm
• tasks
• E-book reader
• calculator
• photo browser
• video recorder
• video player
• audio player
• digital answering machine
• speed dial
• polyphonic ringtones/vibrations
• 1200 mAh high-capacity battery
• dimensions 111.5 x 57.5 x 22 mm
• weight 135 g

Package contents

• EVOLVEO StrongPhone F5, waterproof rugged mobile phone
• 1200 mAh high-capacity battery
• network charger
• user manual

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E Avatar of author Contact 18.9.2020 14:06
The outer display shows only the phone number and not the name of the caller, even though I have it saved on the SIM. Can I reset it?
E Avatar of author Contact 18.9.2020 14:09
Hello, the telephone numbers of contacts must include the area code (+420XXXXXXXXX for CR).
E Avatar of author Can I accept or end a call by opening/closing the device? 18.9.2020 14:03
Can I accept or end a call by opening/closing the device?
E Avatar of author Can I accept or end a call by opening/closing the device? 18.9.2020 14:25
Hello, yes, you can choose whether you automatically accept calls after opening the phone, or only after pressing the designated button.
E Avatar of author How can I reject an incoming call? 10.9.2020 15:50
You can reject an incoming call on your phone before answering it by pressing the red button. This is only possible within the first two seconds after opening the phone. Most competing mobile flip phones do not feature a set delay like this, and will accept the call automatically.
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PC Avatar of author | 23.12.2020
Nevim.Je to dárek.Ale pět hvězdiček za rychlé dodání a se značkou mám jen ty nejlepší zkušenosti.Vzdy co o výrobku řekli,tak splněno na sto procent.
PO Avatar of author | 17.12.2020
Zatím jsem nevyzkoušela, bude to vánoční dárek. Ale s čím jsem nebyla spokojená je doručení. Přijel pan z GLS a chtěla jsem svoji objednávku zaplatit kartou. Zaplatila jsem, ale účtenku jsem nedostala. 15 min jsem mrzla před domem a pan mi nebyl schopen vydat účtenku. Nakonec mi teda balík předal o kdyz se mu moc nechtělo.
SE Avatar of author SERVIS EVOLVEO (Administrator) 18.12.2020
Dobrý den, za dopravce se omlouváme, ale bohužel nedokážeme jejich chování ovlivnit. Věříme, že se jednalo výjimečnou situaci. Pevně věříme, že Vámi vybraný telefon bude dobře sloužit.