EVOLVEO Omega II, WiFi HD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC recorder

The EVOLVEO Omega II is a multimedia HD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC recorder supporting YouTube, USB flash drives and external hard drives. Equipped with a LAN and WiFi connection.
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Multimedia WiFi DVB-T2 receiver for YouTube

The EVOLVEO Omega II is a multimedia HD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC recorder that will allow you to watch your favourite TV shows any time and play videos from YouTube, USB flash drives, and external hard drives.

Smart remote control

One of the biggest inconveniences of using a set-top box is the necessity of having two remote controls: one to turn on your TV and one for the set-top box. To make using your set-top box easier, we have equipped it with a remote control that is also suitable for most TVs. Our smart remote control can be taught to turn your TV on and off, and control the volume and inputs. Which means there is no longer any need to swap over to the old TV remote. Now there is only one remote you will ever need, which comes with the device.



Multimedia accessories

The device can play most multimedia files in the MKV, DiVX, MPG, MP3, MOV or JPEG formats from an external drive or a USB flash drive. You can also record a digital-quality TV programmes onto an external drive. The EVOLVEO Omega II supports Czech teletext and EPG (Electronic Programme Guide). It also supports the TimeShift function, contains a simple-to-use menu in Czech, and allows you to record shows while you are not at home. Its power consumption in standby mode is less than 1 W.



Supports YouTube

The EVOLVEO Omega II comes with a LAN port and WiFi adapter to connect to your home network. You can also use the device to watch TV or play videos from any YouTube channel. The easy-to-use YouTube app is one the device’s software accessories.



Simple remote control with large push-buttons

If you want a remote that is as simple as possible, and has only basic functions and large push-buttons, you can buy our compatible remote control for seniors. It is very easy to use and especially suitable for senior citizens. Its use is very intuitive, ideal for the elderly.



• new generation HD DVB-T2 set-top box receiver/recorder supporting H.265/HEVC
• supports YouTube
• WiFi adapter and LAN connector
• programmable remote control

• tuner compatible with DVB-T2, H.265/HEVC
• reverse compatibility with MPEG-4 HD/MPEG-4 SD/AVC/H.264 HP@L4, MPEG-2
• supports time recording, manual setting of the start/finish of recording
• after planned recording ends, the device can be set to automatically switch to standby
• recordings are saved in the format *.TSV
• image mode 4:3 PS/4:3 LB/16:9/Auto
• resolution 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
• supports FAT32/NTFS
• you can choose between easy automatic installation and station tuning, or the manual tuning of channels and frequencies
• possibility to manually sort channels
• easy-to-follow Czech menu on screen
• EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) in Czech
• Czech teletext
• supports TimeShift
• supports Dolby Digital Plus
• supports viewing of internal/external Czech DivX/MKV subtitles
• automatic photo presentation with overlay effects
• supports the creation of playlists, music and photography
• parent lock
• supports updates from the USB port
• power consumption in standby mode less than 1 W
• clear LCD display
• dimensions 168 x 115 x 38 mm
• weight 218 g


• digital coaxial audio output
• USB port (USB 2.0)
• antenna input/output
• LAN port
• Wifi – supports 2.4 GHz

Package includes

• HD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC recorder EVOLVEO Omega II
• programmable remote control
• WiFi adapter
• user manual

The YouTube app is provided by a third party. The manufacturer of the device is not liable for any problems with the YouTube app. Some videos may be subject to a license, or be in an incompatible format, making it impossible to play them.
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E Avatar of author RJ45 18.9.2020 15:08
Hi, what is the connector RJ45 for? Can I connect the device to the internet?
E Avatar of author RJ45 18.9.2020 15:49
Hello, yes, you can use a connector to connect the device to the internet, thereby allowing you to use YouTube.
E Avatar of author Newest firmware supports Czech .srt. and .txt subtitles in the media player 10.9.2020 15:42
The newest firmware, which supports Czech .srt. and .txt subtitles in the media player, can be found in the tab “For download”.
E Avatar of author The YouTube feature does not work – Network Error is displayed 10.9.2020 15:41
When using YouTube via a WiFi dongle, every time the device is switched on you have to wait a few seconds in the settings until the following text appears: WiFi – AP connected (provided that you have already chosen a network connection and entered the WiFi password). You will be assigned an IP address from the WiFi router, allowing you to use YouTube. If you use an Ethernet connection, before using the network it is good to check the network settings to see whether you have an IP address assigned from router. After that, you can continue to YouTube. If it still does not work, you need to update your firmware. Find “USB update” in the settings and enter “Update mode – AllCode”, select the file to update (firmware) and click “Start”. Before that, you need to have the firmware file on your USB drive. It is available in the tab “For download”. YouTube may require a newer API key, which can also be found in the firmware folder. It is the file: youtube_key.key. Download it to the root folder of your USB flash drive and it will open automatically in: Menu – Network – Network app – YouTube – Settings – Update API key – Press OK – select key and “Start”. After the key is downloaded, connect the network and YouTube will now work for you.
E Avatar of author YouTube opens but I can’t play some videos. 10.9.2020 15:40
Some videos may be subject to a license, or be in an incompatible format, making it impossible to play them. The YouTube app is provided by a third party. The manufacturer of the device is not liable for any problems with the YouTube app
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PP Avatar of author | 17.2.2021
je to podvod ,you tube kterou uvádíte nefunguje. Varuji vše ostatní pokud chcete tuto aplikaci používat, nekupujte Evolveo OmegaII!
MK Avatar of author | 2.2.2021
Jsem velmi spokojen.
P Avatar of author | 30.1.2021
Instalace bezproblémová spokojenost ale i při 100% WIFI nejde spustit YouTube, chybí region CZ
VS Avatar of author | 26.1.2021
PS Avatar of author | 14.1.2021
RP Avatar of author | 23.12.2020
Rychlé dodání,jednoduchá instalace jen nefunkční OF ON při spárovaní s televizí.
MF Avatar of author | 15.12.2020
Zatím nebyl použit, hodnocení později. Filip
TM Avatar of author | 1.12.2020
+Rychlé a jednoduché nastavení, +dálkové ovládání umožňující ovládat základní funkce TV. Naprostá spokojenost
VS Avatar of author | 25.11.2020
Je to dárek,ale u táty funguje spolehlivě,intuitivně..Takže fajn
M Avatar of author | 23.11.2020
Produkt totálně k ničemu. Aplikace YouTube nepoužitelna.i po stažení nového firmware.chybi region CZ. Na WiFi mám signál 99% a adaptér se stále načítá.2 minuty jde a pak se sekne.takze YouTube nepoužitelná.co se týče set-top boxu, musíte mít výborný signál.jikak nenaladite nic. Doporučuji stáhnout z prodeje.
T Avatar of author | 11.11.2020
Pokuď tady zákazníci píší že jim nefunguje něco v tomto přístroji, je to závada a výrobce by to snad měl opravit, nebo ne? Proč se to stále prodáva s těmito závadami? Pak je to na e-shopech zbytečně kritizováno a v nabídce jako použité zboží (tj. vrácené)
Avatar of author | 4.10.2020
+ Ovladač je přehledný
+ Ovladač se naučí základní funkce TV a tak není třeba mít na stole dva ovladače.
+ Jednoduchá instalace
+ Přehledné menu
+ Dobré zpracování
- Aplikace YouTube je nepoužitelná.....nejde změnit region na CZ a po nastavení jakéhokoliv jiného regionu YouTube nefunguje

Avatar of author | 24.8.2020
Zatím velká spokojenost.Jednoduchá instalace a obsluha.