EVOLVEO Sigma T2, FullHD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC USB tuner

New-generation digital receiver supporting H.265/HEVC for computers and notebooks, teletext, EPG, recording shows, TimeShift, Windows 7/8.1/10
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DVB-T2 USB tuner for your computer, supporting H.265/HEVC


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The EVOLVEO Sigma T2 is a new-generation TV tuner supporting H.265/HEVC.
The abbreviation HEVC means "High Efficiency Video Coding", i.e. H.265, a new DVB-T2 standard with more efficient coding that decreases data flow while keeping a comparable image quality compared with the older H.264 model.

Watch digital TV and download whatever shows you choose. It also supports TimeShift, allowing you to record or watch a TV programme from a specific point in time while the rest of it is still being recorded + pause a live broadcast and resume it later.
The Electronic TV guide offers information about a wide range of channels, including broadcasting times and movie premiers for a week in advance.

• sensitive DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC tuner
• reception of the current DVB-T and also the new DVB-T2 TV broadcasts
• EPG – Electronic Programme Guide
• Teletext
• TimeShift
• DVB-T/DVB-T2 radio

• reverse compatibility with MPEG-4 HD/MPEG-4 SD/AVC/H.264 HP@L4, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD
• automatic and manual tuning
• aerial connected with a standard connector, allowing it to be easily attached to your existing aerial
• TV shows can be downloaded directly to your computer
• possibility of auto shutdown after your computer stops recording
• supports planned downloading from EPG
• screen cap function in JPEG format
• dimensions 68 x 20 x 14 mm

System requirements

• For DVB-T:
• Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
• Pentium IV 2.0 GHz and higher
• 2 GB RAM memory
• graphics card supporting Microsoft DirectX and higher or at least 16 MB of memory
• sound card
• USB 2.0 port
• For DVB-T2:
• Intel i5 3 GHz or higher/AMD FX 4350 4.2 GHz or higher

Package contents

• EVOLVEO Sigma T2, DVB-T2 tuner for receiving digital terrestrial broadcasting
• DVB-T2 aerial
• user manual

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E Avatar of author programme 1.10.2020 12:13
Hi, I’m not happy with the TotalTV player programme. Is there an alternative for me?
E Avatar of author programme 1.10.2020 12:16
Hello, the tab “For download” contains two alternative pieces of SW – Sichbopvr and MyGicaHiDTV. You can download both and try out which suits you better.
E Avatar of author Dual Tuner 18.9.2020 15:23
Hello, I have a question: does the tuner have a dual feature (i.e. recording two channels at once)?
E Avatar of author Dual Tuner 18.9.2020 16:01
Hi, this model doesn’t have this function; see our model TDE VHD-T2 which does have it.
E Avatar of author The DVBT2 ČT channels in TotalTV Player are pixelated. 10.9.2020 15:35
The problem may be caused by insufficient HW to watch DVBT2 ČT channels in Full HD as opposed to those in HD. Check your minimal HW requirements for DVBT2 (approximately the following): Intel i5 3 GHz or higher, AMD FX 4350 4.2 GHZ and higher. If your HW meets these requirements and DVBT2 ČT channels are still pixelated, install the latest LAV Video Decoder. The installation file (LAVFilters-0.74.1-Installer.exe) is available in the tab “For download”. Restart the device and select the following in “TotalTV Player”, “Settings”, and “Sound/image”: MPEG2-Video decoder and H.264.decoder “LAV Video Decoder”. To see if it worked, open “Settings” and check the LAV Video Decoder version. It should be “LAV Video Decoder 0.74.1”. This should solve the pixellation problem. If you are still unhappy with “TotalTV Player” for whatever reason, try installing the programme: “SichboPVR”. The installation file is available in the tab “For download”, along with the decoder: (LAVFilters-0.74.1-Installer.exe). Download the decoder and install it. In the “Advanced” section of the SichboPVR settings, add “LAV Video Decoder” to the H265Video decoder. Tune the channels.
E Avatar of author Can’t see my device during TotalTV installation 10.9.2020 15:34
If you have any trouble looking up hardware during installation, you need to check the software OS Win 10. The problem is often caused by installed NET frameworks, versions 2, 3 and 4. Try (un)installing them and the Microsoft Visual c++ library.
E Avatar of author No DVBT/DVT2 signal when turning on the TotalTV Player 10.9.2020 15:21
I sometimes have no DVBT or DVT2 signal after turning on the TotalTV Player. I have to eject and insert the USB stick to make it work. You can solve this problem by installing the new drivers 9.5.2018/10.4.2018, available in the tab “For download”.

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