EVOLVEO StrongVision 4GA 4G, LTE/Hunting/wildlife camera with APP

Trail camera, app for iOS and Android, 5000 mAh Li-ion battery, 16 GB SD card + free 500 MB CZ SIM, 20 Mpx photography, night photo/video, Full HD video, 3×PIR detector 120°, 2.4" display, microSD support, 36 IR LED 940 nm – invisible spectrum, IP 65

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Code: CAM-4GA
Category: GSM hunting cameras
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Obj.kód: SGV CAM-4GA

Trail camera + 4G LTE, app, 16 GB SD 

A modern compact trail camera that will enable you to take pictures or record video with sound in conditions that do not allow for the use of a classic camera system You can easily monitor all movement around your house, cabin, company building, warehouse, as well as construction site and remote areas (to track animals) The camera can be easily and quickly set using the compatible app in Czech. If the camera detects an intrusion in its field of view, you will receive a notification with a photo. Data are saved on the SD card as soon as the camera detects motion.

Benefits of the EVOLVEO outdoor camera

Quality waterproof design IP65, photos can be viewed in the app – no need to dismount the camera, online notifications of motion via the app for iOS and Android, app localised in Czech, fast camera settings with Czech display menu, easily installed and moved as needed, long-lasting battery with the possibility of solar charging using the EVOLVEO StrongVision SP1

App is in multiple languages for easy control

Thanks to 4G LTE support, you can set the camera anytime and anywhere without dismounting it. The app allows you to view your latest photographs and adjust settings from the comfort of your home!
If the camera detects motion, you will get a notification on your mobile phone.

5000 mAh Li-ion battery

removable 5000 mAh Li-ion battery with a long life, equipped with a connector for charging away from the camera.
The battery can also be purchased separately.

20 Mpx photography and Full HD video

The camera has a resolution up to 20 Mpx for photography and 1080p/30 fps for video, both in day and night modes. In photography mode pictures are snapped in a record time thanks to motion tracking.


Accessories can not only help protect your camera, but also extend battery life by up to 100%.

Choose accessories to add to the camera as required: a solar panel, for example, will extend the camera’s operating time by up to 100%.
Solar panel

You can buy a spare battery, charge it at home, and then easily replace the one in the camera.
Spare battery for 4GA

To protect your trail camera from vandals or the elements, you can buy a lockable metal security box.
Metal box

High-quality night photography and video with 120° motion tracking

Video can be recorded in Full HD quality, with 36 sensitive 940 nm infrared LED illuminators – invisible to the eyes of potential human intruders or passing game – for night photography or video. All motion in the field of view is tracked thanks to the camera’s three 120° PIR detectors.


• Setting and operation via a compatible app for Google Android or Apple iOS
• supports 4G LTE networks
• waterproof design IP65
• photography resolution: 20 Mpx, 16 Mpx or 12 Mpx
• 3 motion detectors
• 120° field of view
• activated by motion
• trigger reaction time 0.5 seconds
• suitable if you want to monitor motion around your property, including homes and cabins, company buildings, warehouses, construction sites and outdoor areas
• infrared night vision
• 36x 940 nm infrared LEDs invisible to the human eye
• 25 m range of the infrared LEDs
• view your photos and videos on the camera display
• up to 32 GB of photos and videos saved onto the camera’s microSD card
• video resolution (including sound): Full HD, HD or VGA
• colour photography in day mode, black and white photography in night mode


• clear 2.4" display
• multishot function: 1, 3, 6 or 9 photographs
• intervals of 1, 5, 10, 30 seconds or minutes
• video length of 10, 30, 60 or 90 seconds
• date, time, temperature and battery status included in every photograph
• four recording modes: photography, video, photo + video, time-lapse
• field of view 120°
• PIR sensor range up to 25 metres
• PIN code protection available
• camera can be attached by straps or placed on a stand
• practical integrated lens cap for display protection
• operating temperature -5°C to +70°C
• separate battery box for protecting the electronics
• tripod screw
• outputs: AV output for TV, USB, microSD card, power source connector
• power: Li-ion 5000 mAh battery or external power source
• dimensions 135 x 90 x 76 mm
• weight 290 g (without batteries)

Download app


Package contents:

• EVOLVEO StrongVision 4GA
• Li-ion 5000 mAh battery
• antenna
• tweezers for removing the SIM card
• fastening strap
• USB cable
• user manual


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E Avatar of author Trail camera 30.9.2020 14:47
Hello, the QR code from my trail camera cannot be scanned using the app. What should I do? Thanks
SE Avatar of author Trail camera 5.10.2020 13:38
Hello, insert a SIM card and set the camera to TEST mode; wait until it indicates the name of the operator and press OK. Select the last of the three displayed choices, and scan the QR code using the mobile app on your phone. For ID you can also copy the 16-digit IMEI on the label of your device directly into the app.
E Avatar of author SD card 18.9.2020 14:59
Will the camera continue taking photos if the SD card is full?
E Avatar of author SD card 18.9.2020 15:48
Hello, no more photos will be taken once the SD card is full. You need to format it or erase some images. Free space on the card is displayed in the app.
E Avatar of author Time-lapse 18.9.2020 14:58
Hi, how do I set the time-lapse on the camera? Can I do it via the app?
E Avatar of author Timelapse 18.9.2020 15:45
Hello, this model doesn’t have the time-lapse feature.
E Avatar of author Online preview 18.9.2020 14:57
Hi, does the app offer a live view? As in video streaming?
E Avatar of author Online preview 18.9.2020 15:43
Hello, the model doesn’t have this feature. You can view photos/videos according to the settings.

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