EVOLVEO Venus T2, 2x HD DVB-T2 USB tuner

2-in-1 DVB-T2 USB tuner, two channels can be downloaded at once, HiDTV app for Windows 7, 8, 10, HDTV, HEVC/H.265, automated tuning, TIMESHIFT, EPG, antenna input, chip set Sony CXD2880

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2-in-1 digital HD DVB-T2 USB tuner for your computer or laptop, HD broadcasting supported.


Two devices in one

With the EVOLVEO Venus T2, you can watch 2 channels at the same time and more. You can watch your favourite show while recording another. The Picture in Picture (PIP) function supports watching two channels at once.


Easy installation

Just insert the USB dongle Venus T2 into the port of your PC or laptop to connect your TV with your Windows. No external charging necessary. It also supports TimeShift, allowing you to record or watch a TV show from a specific point in time while the rest of it is still being recorded + pause a live broadcast and resume it later.Electronic TV guide offering information about a wide range of channels, including broadcasting times and movie premiers for a week in advance.


Programmes in the highest resolution

With EVOLVEO Venus T2, you can tune in many HD TV channels (such as Czech Television). You can download them on both tuners at the same time.


• 2 sensitive HD DVB-T2 tuners included
• PIP (Picture in Picture) function: watch 2 shows at once – you can play two channels at the same time

• supports TimeSHIFT – watch a show from the start while the rest of it is recording
• possibility of auto shutdown after your computer stops recording
• supports planned downloading from EPG
• supports EPG
• supports HDTV, HEVC/H.265
• supports mpg-II Audio Layer I & II/AAC
• auto tuning
• screen cap function in JPEG format
• aerial connected with a standard connector, allowing it to be easily attached to your existing aerial
• 75 Ohm antenna input

• Sony CXD2880 chip set

• dimensions 86 x 30 x 16.5 mm

System requirements for watching and downloading DVB-T2

• Windows XP (SP2)/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
• Pentium 2.4 GHz and higher
• 4GB RAM or more
• graphics card with 1GB memory or more
• sound card
• Microsoft direct X 9.0 or higher
• one 2.0 USB port

Package includes

• USB dongle DVB-T2 receiver EVOLVEO Venus T2
• DVB-T2 aerial
• user manual

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E Avatar of author No devices are shown in the app 10.9.2020 13:11
Make sure you have the right drivers installed in your computer – available in the tab “For download”.
E Avatar of author Where can I download the app for Windows? 10.9.2020 13:09
The app is available in the tab “For download”.
E Avatar of author Cannot record channels from a different multiplex 10.9.2020 13:07
Right-click on the view window and tick both tuners in Properties. Both of them should be active.
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MK Avatar of author | 30.3.2021
+rychlé dodání + dva tunery -co sám nahraje neumí přehrát -musím přehrávat pomocí VLC
G Avatar of author | 5.3.2021
NArozdíl od předchůdce chybí DO, ale asi to není tak podstatné.
PH Avatar of author | 12.12.2020
Rychlé dodání. V mém regionu nic nechytnu na proutek, ale přes klasickou anténu na střeše funguje správně.
MP Avatar of author | 9.12.2020
zatím jsem nezprovozňoval
J Avatar of author | 6.12.2020
Rychlé spolehlivé dodání, dobrá adjustace. Vše funguje OK, snadná instalace, soft. přehrávač nic moc, dobře oba tunery fungují i s win. media center (na win. 7).
Q Avatar of author | 3.12.2020
Vše OK.
FD Avatar of author | 3.12.2020
Rychlé dodání, avšak nevyzkoušeno - dárek.
MV Avatar of author | 27.11.2020
Super DVB-T2, jen software pro sledování, který je HiDTV je hodně ořezaný, nejde tam nastavit pomalu nic. Doporučuji k tomu SichboPVR, naprostá bomba.
SK Avatar of author | 16.11.2020
Jsem mile překvapena funkčností produktu. A na rozdíl od předchozího modelu, u kterého nám nešel přijmout slabší signál čt, tady jde.
JM Avatar of author | 20.10.2020
Jsem spokojen. Výrobek je funkční
Avatar of author | 6.10.2020
- poměrně dost hřeje