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EVOLVEO presents a new product in their Ptero Gaming series, designed for the gaming community – the universal EVOLVEO Ptero 4PS gamepad. The advantages of this gamepad include wireless connection, cross-platform compatibility, earphones jack, loudspeaker, and dual vibrations for a more intense experience when playing. The EVOLVEO Ptero 4PS is compatible not only with PlayStation 4, but also PCs with Windows, or mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems, including Android boxes.


New offer of EVOLVEO antennas for receiving television and FM, DAB and DAB+ broadcasts – active in-door EVOLVEO antenna Xany 6 LTE for the reception of DVB-T2 in HD quality.


The EVOLVEO HDO mini is an antenna for receiving TV broadcasts with an integrated amplifier and high gain, all for the price of CZK 899.

EVOLVEO Ptero 12CB a 12CR PR

EVOLVEO presents two attractive PC ventilators with a frameless gaming design for PC cases. This PC cooling hardware is available for the price of CZK 390, including VAT.

EVOLVEO Detective DV4

The security video surveillance system EVOLVEO DETECTIVE DV4 reliably monitors selected sites, warehouses, buildings, and homes.

EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z4

The next new product in the EVOLVEO range of durable telephones follows its successful predecessor, the StrongPhone Z3 model, bringing many new advantageous features.

EVOLVEO Tiny G1 & G2

The EVOLVEO brand is launching its attractive SSD/HDD frames with gaming designs and all-metal construction. For the price of CZK 349, including VAT, you can buy the SSD/HDD frame Tiny G1, and the Tiny G2 for the price of CZK 490, including VAT

EVOLVEO deXy 2 a 3

The EVOLVEO brand presents two attractive monitor stands. For the price of CZK 990, including VAT, you can buy the monitor stand deXy 2 with a USB hub, and for the price of CZK 1,290, including VAT, a deXy 3 with a hub and charging station for 2.5" HDD/SSD


EVOLVEO presents a new walkie talkie. For the price of CZK 1,390, including VAT, you can buy a walkie talkie with switchable power to ensure greater range than other walkie talkies in the PMR 446 frequency band.

EVOLVEO Hybrid Box T2

EVOLVEO, a leading supplier of customer electronics with a strong Czech tradition, now presents another product from their multimedia boxes: it combines a set-top box with an Android multimedia box in one device.

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