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EVOLVEO launches a range of graphic tablets, featuring fast response, high sensitivity and resolution of the sensing layer. This ensures smooth and precise strokes. All EVOLVEO Grafico series tablets (T12, T8 and TW) include a wireless pen with 8,192 pressure levels and 233 PPS response. The sensing layer has a resolution of 5,080 LPI with pen detection 15 mm above the work surface. In addition, 30 spare tips and a graphic glove are included. All EVOLVEO Grafico tablet worksurfaces allow inversion for left-handed work. The tablets are powered via USB and support devices with PC, Mac OS and Android operating systems.


The EVOLVEO Ringo DB2 is an integral element of the modern home with many features. Installation is easy and the outdoor camera unit communicates wirelessly with an indoor doorbell connected to a power outlet. The smart wireless video doorbell EVOLVEO Ringo DB2 connects to your home Wi-Fi network and easily pairs with your smartphone using the mobile app for Android and iOS. Control is easy and simple. Using a mobile phone, the video doorbell can be controlled, monitor the area outside the entrance and initiate two-way communication from literally anywhere.



A novelty in the range of button phones for seniors by EVOLVEO confirms that flip phones, the so called V phones, are still popular. The EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP is a richly equipped senior button phone with a range of safety features such as an SOS button with advanced location localization or an SOS fall sensor. An additional supplementary display provides basic information and up-to-date notifications, including time or charge level. Other features include a 3.0 megapixel camera, FM radio, microSDHC memory expansion slot and a powerful flashlight. There are two colour versions - black and red. A charging stand is also included.


Smart outdoor socket EVOLVEO Terra NV4 meets the conditions of IP44 certification and resists splashing water and dust. This simple and fully functional device allows you to easily control connected devices not only in the home but also in outdoor areas such as the garden.

Abacus Electric is celebrating its 30th anniversary

Abacus Electric is the developer for the EVOLVEO brand and provides related support. On 18 February 2022 Abacus celebrated its 30th anniversary. Celebrate with us. We have prepared gifts for you in the form of up to 30% discounts on EVOLVEO products!


EVOLVEO presents a new product in their Ptero Gaming series, designed for the gaming community – the universal EVOLVEO Ptero 4PS gamepad. The advantages of this gamepad include wireless connection, cross-platform compatibility, earphones jack, loudspeaker, and dual vibrations for a more intense experience when playing. The EVOLVEO Ptero 4PS is compatible not only with PlayStation 4, but also PCs with Windows, or mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems, including Android boxes.


New offer of EVOLVEO antennas for receiving television and FM, DAB and DAB+ broadcasts – active in-door EVOLVEO antenna Xany 6 LTE for the reception of DVB-T2 in HD quality.


The EVOLVEO HDO mini is an antenna for receiving TV broadcasts with an integrated amplifier and high gain, all for the price of CZK 899.

EVOLVEO Ptero 12CB a 12CR PR

EVOLVEO presents two attractive PC ventilators with a frameless gaming design for PC cases. This PC cooling hardware is available for the price of CZK 390, including VAT.

EVOLVEO Detective DV4

The security video surveillance system EVOLVEO DETECTIVE DV4 reliably monitors selected sites, warehouses, buildings, and homes.

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