EVOLVEO StrongPhone G6

Highly durable, with a large display and great battery life.

The EVOLVEO StrongPhone G6, newly entering the product series of rugged EVOLVEO phones is a quad-core, 4G/LTE, dual SIM phone that meets the IP69 and MIL-STD-810G:2008 norms, and comes with a high-capacity 5000 mAh battery.

The waterproof and durable StrongPhone G6 is a fully-fledged smartphone, with an unmodified Android 8.1 operating system. It offers all you can expect from a modern smartphone. In addition, it is highly durable, waterproof, and has long battery life.

Large screen and fantastic durability
The large 5.72" screen with the popular 18:9 ratio and HD+ resolution (1440 × 720 px) is protected with Gorilla Glass technology. The screen is resilient to rough treatment, cracks and scratches. Its durability and stability become stronger as pressure on the screen rises. The rubber-covered surface protects the phone from scratches and external damage, and gives the user a firm grip. The inner protective SolidStone frame was made using special technology and a titanium alloy, which considerably increases the durability of the phone. The high mechanical durability of the frame protects the mobile from impacts and fall damage. The EVOLVEO StrongPhone G6 meets the standards of the United States Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-810G:2008. Its ruggedness is certified according to the IP69 standard, meaning it is dustproof and waterproof when submerged in 2 m of water for 60 minutes. Additionally, the phone is resilient to hot water (up to 80 degrees Celsius).

Quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM and large inner storage
The heart of the waterproof EVOLVEO StrongPhone G6 is represented by the Mediatek quad-core processor, which is also highly energy efficient. The fast 64-bit processor works at a frequency of 1.5 GHz and is powerful enough for various apps and games. Sufficient RAM (2 GB) allows you to smoothly multitask and play graphically challenging games with no lag. Large internal memory (16 GB) offers enough space for all your favourite apps, maps, music or movies. It is possible to extend the memory using a microSDHC/SDXC card (up to 128 GB).

Fast 4G/LTE internet with dual SIM
The waterproof EVOLVEO StrongPhone G6 supports high-speed 4G/LTE networks, which allow you to fully utilise the phone: fast web browsing, playing the most demanding games, multitasking, or watching videos. The telephone lets you download large data files at speeds of up to 150 Mb/s, and upload speeds of 50 Mb/s. Thanks to the WiFi HotSpot function, you can easily create WiFi to access to the internet on other devices. The StrongPhone G6 has two SIM card slots and supports connection to two networks at the same time.

Many features and a long battery life
The EVOLVEO StrongPhone G6 offers all you can expect from a manager’s smartphone. A fingerprint reader and Face ID increase the phone’s security. The phone supports NFC technology and has a signalling diode to inform the user about missed calls and text messages without having to turn on the screen. The phone interface supports USB Type-C. Google certified telephone. The large, integrated high-capacity 5000 mAh battery allows up to three days of service life without recharging.

Availability and price
The durable EVOLVEO StrongPhone G6 is available in e-shops and selected stores for the recommended retail price of CZK 4,390, including VAT.

• high-capacity 5000 mAh battery
• waterproof IP69 specification (2 metres of water column for 60 minutes)
• fingerprint reader and Face ID
• SolidStone inner frame made of titanium alloy
• resilient to impacts and vibrations
• MIL-STD-810G:2008 certified
• Mediatek quad-core 64-bit 1.5 GHz processor
• 2 GB RAM
• 16 GB internal memory with extension option using microSDHC/SDXC card up to 128 GB
• 13 Mpix camera with automatic focus and LED flash
• 4G/LTE support
• operating system Android 8.1
• Google GMS licence (Google certified telephone)
• 5.72" HD touch screen with resolution 1440 × 720 px and automatic brightness regulation
• Gorilla Glass scratch protection
• IPS display with 16.7 million colours and great viewing angles
• hybrid dual SIM mode – two active SIM cards in one phone, nano SIM/nano SIM or nano SIM/microSDHC card
• 3G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (3G)
• 4G/LTE: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz (4G, Cat 4)
• WiFi/WiFi HotSpot
• Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
• FM radio
• E-compass, light sensor, zoom, and G-sensor
• charging USB Type-C connector
• dimensions 159.5 × 77.5 × 14.3 mm
• weight 249 g (incl. battery)

Tested for:
• low pressure (altitude) – test method 500.5, procedure I
• humidity – test method 507.5
• sunshine – test method 505.5, procedure II
• acidic environment – test method 518.1