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The EVOLVEO brand is distributed by the company Abacus Electric www.abacus.cz. Headquartered in České Budějovice, Czech Republic, Abacus Electric has been a long-term partner in the IT and CE sector since 1992. Developing the company’s activities is our team, with forty members from five countries of the European Union. The ISO 9001 standard applies to all of our company’s processes. Abacus Electric currently conducts business in the following areas.

IT distribution

Distribution of computer components and peripherals In this field, Abacus Electric is the largest distributor of computer cabinets in the Czech Republic. The most successful brands we distribute are Zalman and A4tech.

Manufacturing servers and storage solutions

Manufacture, support and service SUPERMICRO, ASUS, GIGABYTE, TYAN and INTEL white-box servers. Servers are custom manufactured based on the client’s requirements. This ensures you get the most advanced technology available for the lowest possible price. It also enables us to actively cooperate with our customers before the order is placed and realised. The offer for a SUPERMICRO server is sent at the latest one working day after sending the request. In terms of numbers of servers sold, in 2019 Abacus Electric came third in the Czech Republic.

Distribution of EVOLVEO

EVOLVEO www.evolveo.com is an electronics brand founded in 2005, specialising in digital home systems, personal electronics, and gaming products. It targets men with an interest in consumer electronics and IT, looking for trendy products at more affordable prices than those offered by the big international brands. The development, distribution and service of EVOLVEO products is conducted by an international team in over ten countries. EVOLVEO is subject to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. Some of the EVOLVEO’s key products are rugged phones.

Distribution of Salente

The Salente brand focuses on small home cooking and cleaning appliances. For both these domestic activities, their products are designed to save money and make life easier. The development, distribution and service of Salente products is conducted by an international team in over ten countries. Salente is subject to the ISO 9001 quality management standard.



Petr Petrlík,

Chief Executive Officer of Abacus Electric, s.r.o.


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