EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6

EVOLVEO is expanding its StrongPhone range of rugged button phones with the Z6, which features high IP68 durability and extreme battery life. Thanks to the 4,000 mAh battery, this mobile phone also serves as a power bank. EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6 also offers location localization, an SOS button and an extra strong flashlight. The rubberised surface and attractive design in outdoor camouflage make this button phone ideal for use.


EVOLVEO adds a new model for seniors, EasyPhone ID, to its range of practical push-button phones. It is also suitable for the smallest children as a first mobile phone. It is one of the simplest phones on the market. The EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID has only four large buttons to store your main contacts, a simplified control menu, but also a loud speaker and FM radio with built-in antenna. There are also important and required safety features such as an integrated flashlight and, above all, an SOS button for sending an emergency message 

EVOLVEO StrongPhone X5

Durable push button phone EVOLVEO StrongPhone X5  dual SIM, is designed for reliable use in extreme conditions and demanding situations. This phone proves its strengths especially when working in difficult circumstances and outdoor activities.

EVOLVEO Single Switch and Dual Switch

EVOLVEO expands its range of products for the smart digital home with smart switches. The EVOLVEO WiFi Single Switch and Dual Switch are switches that have flexible control via voice commands, mobile app and of course a simple press. They are compatible with Smart Life, Tuya, SmartThings, IFTTT and support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. Installation is easy.  The switches are fully compatible with standard wiring boxes and also meet IP44 standards, so they are not only suitable for indoor installation, but can also be used outdoors. The random on/off mode will help protect the property from would-be thieves.


The EVOLVEO TwinVerti vertical ergonomic mouse enables a grip that effectively reduces the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome and relieves the user of wrist pain when using the mouse on a computer. With SmartWap, you can use the mouse interchangeably on three devices. The ergonomic EVOLVEO TwinVerti mouse offers three selectable resolution levels (800/1200/1600 DPI) and its colored LED backlight can be individually adjusted. The ergonomic EVOLVEO TwinVerti mouse is equipped with a PAW3205 optical sensor, two separate navigation buttons for forward and backward movement, a scroll wheel for vertical scrolling, a scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling and seven buttons. The mechanical switches used have a lifetime of three million clicks.



The EVOLVEO brand adds practical button phones to its range of handy  a new model for-seniors  EasyPhone FS. This is a new generation phone with a foldable design that builds on previous models and adds USB-C. The foldable design allows you to add a front display to the main 2.8" TFT display, which displays basic information.

EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G

The EVOLVEO brand adds a new model Hunting-camera to its range of hunting-camera EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G. The advantages of this multifunctional and versatile device include a small footprint (187 × 118 × 87 mm), LifeView for live preview and free cloud storage. The EVOLVEO CAM remote management app supports both Android and iOS platforms and is localized for the Czech environment. Thanks to its versatility, EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G can also be used as a security camera.



Button cell phone EVOLVEO EasyPhone XO is easy to use. It has large buttons and a 2.8″ display. Designed with the needs of seniors and children in mind, this phone brings a unique combination of practical design and modern features. The phone has large buttons, making it the ideal choice for those who prefer simple operation.


Novelty in the computer cases EVOLVEO offers an optional front panel made of tempered glass and a panel with a grid. The cost-effective Q2+ variant also has fans with ARGB backlighting. Includes two front panels that can be easily swapped out. You can choose between a panel with grid or tempered glass. The Ptero Q2+ comes with four fans with ARGB backlighting. In addition, all variants are available in a choice of black and white colour options.

EVOLVEO NightVision W25

EVOLVEO NightVision W25

EVOLVEO introduces the EVOLVEO NightVision W25 binoculars with night vision and a Wi-Fi function that allows you to remotely control the device with your smartphone. Binoculars with optical zoom (4×) also allow digital magnification (8×). It is a multi-purpose device that can be used in complete darkness and in sunlight. The EVOLVEO NightVision W25 excels at nighttime operation thanks to its high-brightness IR LED night vision illuminator. The EVOLVEO NightVision W25 binocular is the perfect choice for a wide range of activities from exploring unknown territories, night hunting, sports games and as a product to enhance safety.

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