EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G

The EVOLVEO brand adds a new model Hunting-camera to its range of hunting-camera EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G. The advantages of this multifunctional and versatile device include a small footprint (187 × 118 × 87 mm), LifeView for live preview and free cloud storage. The EVOLVEO CAM remote management app supports both Android and iOS platforms and is localized for the Czech environment. Thanks to its versatility, EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G can also be used as a security camera.


EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G is a compact photo trap designed for both wildlife observation and asset protection. Thanks to its small size, the photo trap can be placed inconspicuously and unobtrusively to record video or photos. The photo trap is fully customized for use with the EVOLVEO CAM app for Android or iOS. Thanks to the fast 4G LTE data transmission, the LiveView function is available to capture and display the current events in front of the camera in real time, or download and work with files that the camera has saved on its SD card. The photo trap is powered by eight AA 1.5V batteries. The operating time can be extended by using original EVOLVEO accessories such as the SP1 solar panel or a cable for connecting an external 12V battery.


Universality of the photo trap EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G allows this device to be fully used as a security camera for property security, wherever there is no fixed internet connection for a regular camera system. Whenever the camera detects motion, it sends a notification to the phone or smartwatch you specify. You can then use the app to view the captured image or play the video. The LiveView function allows you to transmit a live preview in real time. Thanks to the integrated PIR sensors, no movement is missed and the camera is activated only when it is needed. This extends battery life.


The EVOLVEO CAM application is provided free of charge with no additional future fees. Free storage of captured data in cloud storage that is unique to each device. The servers are located in Europe on Amazon's platform. Several photo traps can be managed within one application. Each photo trap can be assigned its own name to identify the location and to provide information about the current status of the photo trap. Now you can change any settings, such as the resolution of photos, videos or change the time for which the photo trap should be active, even in the enabled mode.


The EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G is equipped with a night infrared illuminator with 2× 3W IR LEDs 850 nm. Infrared night light is an important feature of every photo trap. Thanks to 850nm LEDs, the device can be used not only for game tracking but also for surveillance of objects.



EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G can be obtained with a variety of accessories and equipment. Adjustable rope lock StrongVision LOCK, which thanks to a two-meter rope with a thickness of 8 mm serves well for attaching a photo trap to a tree trunk, for example. If the photo trap can be connected to the mains, a 12V power adapter EVOLVEO StrongVision ADAP can be purchased. In this case, the photo trap will be primarily powered from the adapter and if the mains power fails, the inserted batteries will serve as a backup power supply. To extend the endurance, the solar panel EVOLVEO StrongVision SP1 with integrated Li-ON battery can be used.


Availability and Price
Fotopast EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI 4G is available through a network of online stores and selected retailers for only €148 including VAT.

Lanovy lock EVOLVEO StrongVision LOCK for €24 including VAT.

Power adapter 12V EVOLVEO StrongVision  for €8 including VAT.

Solar panel EVOLVEO StrongVision SP1 for €36 including VAT.


Parametry fotopasti EVOLVEO StrongVision MINI

Sensor: 8 MPX CMOS

Memory: SD Card up to 256 GB

Camera lens: F=3.1; FOV=90°

Dimensions: 187 mm × 118 mm × 87 mm*

Nightlight: 2×3W 850nm Infrared LED

PIR Dosah: Selectable sensitivity High/Normal/Low

PIR Angle Sensor: 90°

Maximum IR LED range: 20 metres

Start-up speed 0.8 s

Trigger interval 1/5/10/30 s/min

Photo resolution: 8 MP – 30 MP

Multiple shots per activation (multishot): 1/3/6/9

Video resolution: 2 K/1080P/720P/VGA

Upload images in full quality: Ano na Cloud

Sending video: Ano na Cloud

Date in photo: Ano

Summer/Winter time : Yes manually in the app

Security: PIN at start-up (4 digits)

Mobile bands:

FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20

TDD-LTE: B38/B40/B41



Applications: Evolveo CAM

Features of the app: Device settings, operational info, viewing and working with records, live preview

LCD: It doesn't have an LCD. Control via app

SIM: Mini SIM card

Stand-by current: 0.1 mA

Stand-by operation time: 6 months

Charging connector: Input voltage 12 V/1.5 A DC

USB-C connector for data transfer

Ochrana IP65

Fixing: Belt, wire 8 mm, tripod thread


* Depending on antenna position


Contents of the package

User Manual

SD card reader

Buildable GSM Antenna

Belt for fastening