Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection

Processing and protecting personal data

Personal data provided by you will be processed by Abacus Electric s.r.o., Planá 2, České Budějovice, Commercial Register: České Budějovice Regional Court, Section C, Insert 1228.

Personal data processing constitutes an integral part of our business activities. Without you providing your personal data and us processing them, we could not provide our services, enter into a contractual relationship with you, or fulfil our obligations under them. If we require your consent to personal data processing, we do so without any pressure or threat in relation to our potential contractual relationship, the sales services provided to you, or the obligations set by us.

We always handle personal data within the statutory limits and make sure to prevent any unauthorised handling or misuse. At Abacus Electric, we consider the protection of your personal data, rights, and privacy a key value, one that Abacus Electric employees uphold.

Our employees are fully aware of the value and sensitivity of your personal data that they encounter and work with. They have a clear idea of the damage any disclosure, destruction or alternation of the data would cause each one of you as individuals and owners of such data.

We, as the company Abacus Electric and each of our employees, personally undertake to protect the privacy, accessibility and integrity of all personal data we handle and work with, and consider it a matter of professional pride to do so regardless of our legal obligations. Our employees never disclose, alter or destroy the personal data they encounter and work with outside the scope of their professional obligations. To avoid any unintentional disclosure, destruction or alteration of your personal data we encounter and work with, our employees regularly participate in training and other educational activities.

Each of our employees makes maximum efforts to prevent the disclosure, destruction or alternation of the personal data they encounter and work with. That means they follow all information security measures, protect personal data in a physical form, observe closely their surroundings and the people around them, and report any suspicious behaviour by computers, colleagues or third parties.

Abacus Electric and each of our employees make maximum efforts to ensure the rightful and transparent processing of data. To achieve this, we constantly improve our processing procedures to make sure that every data subject gets an answer to their query on personal data protection and processing at any time.

Abacus Electric and each of our employees make maximum efforts to ensure that the rights of data subjects are upheld, and implement the relevant technologies and procedures for this purpose.

Who can I contact

If you have any questions concerning your personal data or the exercise of your rights, do not hesitate to contact our employees, who are ready to help you.

Please contact:
Abacus Electric, e-mail orders@evolveo.com

Processed personal data

The personal data provided by you that we process is necessary for the conclusion and performance of contracts. It includes:

  • First name and surname
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • E-mail address
  • Bank details, bank account
  • Shopping history
  • For job applicants within the scope of employee recruitment – personal data included in CVs and photographs.

Personal data of third parties

If you share the personal data of a third party with us, you must inform them about this and obtain their consent with these Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection.

On what legal basis do we process personal data

The personal data provided by you above are processed on the following legal basis:

  • Conclusion or performance of a contract
  • Sale and purchase of goods and services, invoicing, mutual communication
  • Performance of statutory obligations
  • Obligations defined by Czech or EU law, such as the Accounting Act, Labour Code, employment and social security laws, Insurance Act, AML Act, etc.
  • Legitimate interest
  • Protection of property (camera system), transfers within the company/organisation for administrative purposes, direct marketing.
  • Your authorised consent (if you give it)
  • Sending business information by e-mail.

With whom do we share your personal data

Your personal data are shared only within our company Abacus Electric. Your personal data can also be shared with third parties to a necessary extent. Third party recipients include:

  • Our suppliers for the purposes of logistics (supply of goods and services) – contractual performance.
  • Audit companies – statutory obligation.
  • IT companies – on the basis of legitimate interest. This involves outsourcing IT services and potential access to personal data as part of managing IT systems.
  • State authorities – tax authorities, health and social insurance companies, courts of law, court bailiffs/levying officers, etc. – statutory obligation.

Every subject/third party we share your personal data with (unless we are legally obliged to) enters into a legally binding contract with us, stipulating (among other things) the:

  • Obligation to protect personal data
  • Obligation of confidentiality
  • Obligation to cooperate during inspections of compliance with GDPR

Data retention period

The data retention period depends on the purpose of their processing. Your personal data are stored for the duration of the contract at minimum. In most cases, the law requires us to store your personal data for 10 years.

The personal data of job applicants will be deleted immediately after the corresponding employment contract is concluded between Abacus Electric and the other person, unless the applicant consents to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of applying for future jobs at Abacus Electric.

Camera footage is stored for five days.

Cookies, IP tracking, and other tracking technologies

When you visit this website, we automatically record data such as the IP address of your device, the date and time you accessed the website, the browser type and operating system of your device, the websites you visit, as well as technical and functional cookies. We use this information to monitor how visitors use this website and conduct general analyses. This information is not used to identify you or linked with the personal information specified above.

Your rights

Under the GDPR, you have the following rights:

  • The data subject has a right for the erasure of their data (Article 17 of the GDPR)
  • The data subject has a right to know the extent of their data being managed/processed (Article 15 of the GDPR)
  • The data subject has a right to raise an objection to the processing of their personal data (Article 21 of the GDPR)
  • The data subject has a right to restrict the processing of their personal data (Article 18 of the GDPR)
  • The data subject has a right to transfer their personal data from the administrator to a third party (Article 20 of the GDPR)
  • The data subject has a right to ask for a human review of their data in the case of automated decision making (Article 22 of the GDPR)
  • The data subject has a right to rectify their personal data to avoid damage to their person (Article 16 of the GDPR)

Erasure – your personal data are deleted, with the exception of data necessary for us to defend our legal claims or protect public interests.

Access (knowing the extent of information we have about you) – you will receive a copy of all your personal data we maintain, with the exception of our intellectual property or business secrets, or in cases when doing so might lead to an involuntary disclosure other people’s personal data.

The subject has a right to raise an objection to the processing of their personal data at any time, which will be handled accordingly to prevent damage to your interests. An objection can also be raised if the data processing is in the administrator’s or third party’s legitimate interest, or against the processing of data for the purposes of direct marketing or profiling. If you object to our processing of your personal data for direct marketing, we will no longer do so.

Restriction of personal data processing – based on your objection, we will restrict the processing of your personal data (except for the storage/backup of the personal data in question). The processing of data will be restricted until the objection is resolved.

Transfer of personal data – if you shared your personal data with us based on a contract or consent, it will be exported to you in a commonly used structured electronic format for you to transfer to a third party.

Updating personal data to avoid damage – we will ensure that your data is rectified based on your initiative.

Under Article 21(4) of the GDPR, Abacus Electronic will inform you that you have a right to object to decision-making under Article 21 of the GDPR, namely you have the right at any time to refuse the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing under Article 21(2) GDPR (see above). At the same time, Abacus Electric informs you that if you have a suspicion that your data are being processed unrightfully, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Czech Republic.

Personal data protection

Abacus Electric ensures the protection of your personal data by implementing reasonable technical and organisational measures. Abacus Electric makes sure to continuously monitor the security situation and associated risks, and improves their safety measures to prevent any threat to your personal data.


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