EVOLVEO adds a new model for seniors, EasyPhone ID, to its range of practical push-button phones. It is also suitable for the smallest children as a first mobile phone. It is one of the simplest phones on the market. The EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID has only four large buttons to store your main contacts, a simplified control menu, but also a loud speaker and FM radio with built-in antenna. There are also important and required safety features such as an integrated flashlight and, above all, an SOS button for sending an emergency message 


The EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID surprises with its attractive black design and minimal number of buttons. This mobile phone is designed to provide easy and clear operation for seniors and children who are just getting acquainted with modern technology. The simple and clear menu is controlled by really big buttons, every function of the phone is easy to access and use. In total, up to four main contacts and five SOS numbers can be stored and activated at the touch of a button. Adding new contacts is simple and easy as it is done via SMS commands.


The EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID mobile phone for seniors has a clear, bright and colourful 1.77" TFT display. The information displayed is easy to read and understand. All localized for Czech environment. The display shows the time and date, provides information on signal strength, battery status and the current operator. The user thus has all important information at his disposal. There is also an FM radio with built-in antenna for listening to broadcasts without the need for an internet connection.


Another important and required function is the SOS button, which is large enough for the EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID and is located on the back of the phone. The button allows you to contact help immediately in an emergency. EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID allows you to store up to five SOS contacts that can be contacted by SMS immediately after pressing the button. The SOS button function provides the user and their loved ones with a much-needed sense of security and easy and quick communication in the event of a crisis. 


With a USB-C charging port and a replaceable battery, the EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID offers reliable standby time of up to 8 days. The weight of the EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID button phone for seniors is 70 grams including the battery and its dimensions are (l × w × h): 113 × 54 × 12.8 mm.


Availability and price
The EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID mobile phone for seniors is available through a network of online stores and selected retailers from 32 € including VAT.


Technical specifications of the EVOLVEO EasyPhone ID push-button phone for seniors

- Mobile phone with large buttons suitable for seniors or children

- Simple operation and ergonomic design

- Large 1.77" TFT colour display

- Information shown on the display:

o Date including day of the week

o Time

o Operator and signal strength

o Battery status in 5 levels

- USB-C (Type-C) charging port

- Capacity for storing contacts: 4 main contacts + 5 SOS contacts

- Speed dial contacts for easy dialling of loved ones

- Number of presets for quick selection: 4

- SOS button with distinctive colour differentiation for SOS call and SMS in case of emergency

- Number of SOS contact preferences: 5

- Add contacts using SMS commands:

o Classic contacts (1-4): *#CALL#1#phone number#

o SOS contacts (1-5): *#SOS#1#phone number#

- Independent FM radio also functional for built-in speaker

- Automatic radio tuning

- Loud powerful speaker for listening to FM radio and ringtones

- Number of ringtones: 1

- User replaceable 700 mAh Li-Ion battery (included)

- Up to 8 days standby time

- Battery charging time: 2 hours

- Display resolution 160 × 128 px

- Four large separate keypad buttons for easy operation and calling loved ones

- Confirmation button

- Powerful LED flashlight with the ability to light up even when the screen is locked

- White LED key backlight when the screen is unlocked

- Sliding button for switching the flashlight on/off

- Buttons for volume control

- Button to switch the phone off/on

- Button to unlock/lock the phone

- GSM 900/1 800 MHz band coverage

- 1 SIM card (Mini SIM)

- Loop strap on the upper right side of the phone

- Automatically set the exact time according to the operator

- Calendar

- Language versions of the operating instructions: CZ, SK, EN, HU, RO

- Firmware languages: CZ, SK, EN, HU, RO

- Length of the charging adapter cable: 90 cm

- Phone dimensions (l × w × h): 113 × 54 × 12.8 mm

- Weight incl. battery: 70 g