EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6

EVOLVEO is expanding its StrongPhone range of rugged button phones with the Z6, which features high IP68 durability and extreme battery life. Thanks to the 4,000 mAh battery, this mobile phone also serves as a power bank. EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6 also offers location localization, an SOS button and an extra strong flashlight. The rubberised surface and attractive design in outdoor camouflage make this button phone ideal for use.



The rugged EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6 dual SIM button phone with USB-C port can withstand harsh conditions, withstand rough treatment and provide reliable communication for up to four weeks thanks to an extra-large Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. Thanks to this power, the EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6 can also be used as a power bank and recharge other devices.


StrongPhone Z6 can locate your location via GSM network and is equipped with an emergency SOS button. When you press the button, your phone automatically dials the numbers you have dialed and sends an emergency message to them, including your approximate location. The accuracy of the positioning depends on the density of the GSM network coverage. In cities, the accuracy is tens to hundreds of metres, outside cities the accuracy is lower.


The EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6 mobile phone has a 2.8" display with enhanced scratch and pressure resistance. The clear and simple menu combined with the large display makes it easy to use the phone in any conditions. The phone offers a range of other useful features including a 2Mpx camera, powerful LED flashlight and built-in FM radio with integrated antenna and automatic station tuning. For example, there is a calendar, alarm clocks, notes or calculator and the popular retro game "Snake".


Availability and price
The rugged EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z6 button phone is available through a network of online stores and selected retailers for just €81 including VAT.


Technical Specifications:

Durable mobile phone ideal for travellers, adventurers, athletes and craftsmen

Original and unique hunting camouflage pattern

Waterproof (IP68 rating)

Dual SIM support

Mini SIM size

User replaceable Li-Ion battery (included)

Battery capacity: 4000 mAh

The battery can also serve as a power bank

Powerbank cable adapter included (USB-C -> USB-A)

Simple operation and ergonomic design

Rubberised durable surface

Colour 2.8" display with enhanced scratch and pressure resistance

USB-C (Type-C) charging port at the bottom of the phone

USB-C (Type C) > USB-A charging cable included

USB-A charging adapter included

2Mpx camera

Capacity for storing contacts: 200

Capacity for SMS messages: 50

The quick option for easy dialling of loved ones

Number of presets for quick selection: 8

Side SOS button for emergency calls and SMS messages with location localization

Number of SOS contact preferences: 5

Independent FM radio also functional for built-in speaker

Automatic radio tuning

Dedicated buttons for flashlight, volume, power bank and phone unlock

Loud powerful speaker for listening to FM radio and ringtones

Number of ringtones: 5 + custom

Up to 35 days standby time

Charging the battery: 5 hours.

Display resolution 320 x 240 px

Separate keypad buttons for easy operation

Confirmation button

Powerful flashlight at the top of the phone

GSM 850/900/1 800/1 900 MHz band coverage

SMS support

SIM Toolkit support

Bluetooth version 3.0

Four user profiles

Blacklist to block selected contacts

Vibrating ringtone

Hole for strap

Image viewer (jpg, gif)

Video recorder (avi)

Video player (mp4, avi, 3gp)

Music player (mp3, wav, amr)

Digital voice recorder/dictaphone (wav)

Hands-free headphones included

Automatic setting of the exact time

Calendar, alarm clock, calculator, notes

Games: snake

Slot for microSDHC card for memory expansion (32 GB max)

3.5 mm headphone input at the top of the phone

Language versions of the manual: CZ, SK, EN, HU, RO, SL, IT, BG, HR, GR

Firmware languages: CZ, SK, EN, HU, RO, SL, IT, BG, HR, GR

Charging cable length: 100 cm

Length of cable adapter to powerbank: 15 cm

Phone dimensions (l × w × h): 144 × 65.4 × 21.4 mm

Weight incl. battery: 202 g


Package contents:

Mobile phone

High-capacity batteries

Charging adapter

charging cable

Cable adapter to powerbank

Mini screwdriver to change the battery

Hands-free sluchátka

Operating Instructions (EN)

Quick Start Guide (CZ, SK, EN, HU, RO, BG, GR, DE, IT)

Download the electronic version of the operating instructions (CZ, SK, EN, HU, RO, SL, IT, BG, GR) in PDF

Download the electronic version of the Quick Start Guide (CZ, SK, EN, HU, RO, SL, IT, BG, GR) in PDF