EVOLVEO TwinVerti, vertical ergonomic mouse, 2.4GHz+Bluetooth, black

  • Vertical grip eliminating carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Silent Operation of Buttons and Wheel
  • Operation on 3 devices simultaneously
  • 2.4GHz & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Variable LED backlight
  • 800/1200/1600 DPI
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What is carpal tunnel syndrome caused by using a regular office mouse?

The use of ordinary office mice leads in most cases to a very unpleasant new disease - carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as oppressive syndrome or RSI. It is caused by oppression of the median nerve passing through the carpal tunnel of the wrist of the hand. This nerve transmits impulses from the brain to the thumb, index finger, middle finger and part of the ring finger.

A symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome is a feeling of dullness in the arm when waking up in the morning. Later, nocturnal attacks of tingling or tingling in the fingers appear, which disturb sleep. Later still, the tingling manifests itself during the day. There may be a feeling of dullness in the thumb, index and middle fingers and clumsiness with fine movements of the hand. In advanced disease, wasting (atrophy) of the small muscles of the hand in the thumb area and changes in the skin can be observed.

According to a report from the National Institute of Health (NSI) in 2019, carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common occupational disease and the most common occupational disease caused by overexertion.


Get rid of wrist pain and fatigue

Ergonomic EVOLVEO vertical mouse series is guaranteed to relieve you of wrist pain and fatigue when working with a mouse. It puts your hand in a natural position where there is no crossing at the wrist and your hand holds the mouse in a completely natural position.

Silent Mouse That Doesn’t Click

Don't want to disturb the rest of the family in the evening or at night and still need to work undisturbed, or does the classic clicking of regular office mice make you nervous? EVOLVEO has developed a mouse just for you that not only protects your health with an ergonomic grip but is also completely silent. Special mechanical switches on the left and right buttons as well as the wheel make no sound when clicked.

SmartSwap 3v1

The SmartSwap feature allows you to use the mouse interchangeably on three computers or laptops and switch between them at will. You can use the 2.4GHz wireless connection with the included USB nano receiver, which simply plugs into a USB port on your laptop or desktop computer. You can connect two other devices via Bluetooth.

Coloured LED backlight

The variable colour LED backlighting, which can be set to one of four attractive modes or switched off completely, will make office dullness and monotony more pleasant. The backlighting has a completely negligible effect on the integrated battery life, so you don't have to worry about the colourful variation shortening the mouse's life.


Smart PowerSave

The Smart PowerSave feature can very effectively extend the life of the integrated battery by smartly switching the mouse into power saving mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. Smart PowerSave works automatically and is supported in both modes of operation (2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth).

Complete Specifications:

  • Designed for home and office professional use
  • Vertical grip of a mouse eliminating carpal tunnel syndrome (oppression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel)
  • The silent operation of the buttons and wheel (the mouse makes no sound when clicking).
  • Special ergonomics to reduce fatigue even with prolonged use
  • SmartSwap allows you to use the mouse interchangeably on three computers or laptops and switch between them at will:
    • USB-A nano receiver (2.4GHz wireless technology)
    • Bluetooth 4.2 (BT1 mode)
    • Bluetooth 4.2 (BT2 mode)
  • Integrated 500 mAh (3.7 V) Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Charging via USB-C (Type C) port on the front of the mouse
  • Wireless USB-A Nano receiver with a range of up to 10 m
  • Receiver interface USB-A 2.0 backward compatible with USB 1.1
  • Selectable resolution (800/1200/1600 DPI)
  • Colour LED backlight in the front of the mouse with individual colour settings:
    • Breathing all colours
    • Breathing green
    • Breathing the pinkish-purple hue of the colours
    • Quick snake of all colours
    • Backlit completely off (default mode)
  • Optical sensor PAW3205
  • Button to change DPI at the bottom of the mouse
  • Button for switching 2.4GHz/BT1/BT2 modes at the bottom of the mouse
  • ON/OFF switch at the bottom of the mouse to turn off the mouse completely
  • High precision also ideal for work in graphic editors
  • Easy Plug & Play installation without the need to install and download drivers (just connect the USB receiver to the USB port of your computer or laptop)
  • Mechanical switches with a guaranteed lifetime of 3 million clicks
  • 7 buttons including precision scroll wheel and scroll wheel
  • 2 separate navigation buttons for forward and reverse movement
  • Sliding wheel for vertical movement
  • Scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling in Google Sheets or Microsoft Office (from 2019 including Office 365)
  • Smart PowerSave technology saves battery when the mouse is not in motion:
    • 30 seconds in 2.4 GHz mode
    • 30 seconds in Bluetooth mode
  • Slip-resistant rubberized SoftTouch surface on the mouse surface and all controls for a firm grip
  • Storage space at the bottom of the mouse for a mini USB receiver ideal for transport and travel
  • USB-A -> USB-C (Type C) charging cable included
  • Charging cable length: 1.5 m
  • Tracking speed: 30 ips
  • Acceleration: 10 G
  • Sensing frequency (2.4 GHz): 250 Hz
  • Sensing frequency (Bluetooth): 125 Hz
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 and Mac OS X operating systems (product features not supported by Mac OS X may not function properly)
  • Mouse dimensions (l × w × h): 122 x 73 x 75 mm
  • Dimensions of the Nano receiver (l × w × h): 19 x 14 x 6 mm
  • Weight without battery and without USB receiver: 108 g
  • Weight without battery and with USB receiver: 110 g
  • Colour: black

Package contents:

  • Mouse
  • USB nano receiver
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual (EN/DE/CZ/SK/HU/RO/IT/SLO)

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