Five Reasons to Buy a Rugged Phone

Rugged phones are not for everybody. In this article, we give five reasons why you might want to think differently when shopping for a new phone.


1. A rugged phone for tough guys

If you want to show people, especially the ladies, that you are not a man who always wears a suit and files his nails, then the rugged phone definitely gives off the ‘real man’ vibe. Although less striking than a Ferrari F12 parked outside the restaurant, a rugged phone thrown ostentatiously on the table can serve as a subtle, yet powerful lifestyle statement. After all, women appreciate a man who can be rough, but also sensitive when the time is right. They love a man who has something interesting about him.



2. Rugged phone, a dependable buddy for outdoor activities and sports

If you love nature and often spend time outdoors – days at a time away from civilisation – a rugged phone is the right choice. Its reinforced rubber-covered construction can withstand much greater impacts than regular phones, and it is waterproof, or at least water resistant. Some models also have a multi-day long battery life. A Gorilla Glass protection layer turns your electronic buddy into an indestructible primate.



3. A rugged phone for workers in industry

If you work in industry or construction, and need to use your mobile frequently, a rugged version is the ideal choice. It is not just men who will find them useful, women in these industries often require this type of resilient phone.


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4. Rugged phone for incorrigible teenagers

Do you have a son who is always telling you he needs a new phone because he dropped the last one on the road or in the pool? Add up the prices of all phones he has destroyed over the last two to three years and compare that with the price of a single rugged phone with IP69 certification


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5. A rugged phone for seekers of the alternative

Even if you do not spend time outdoors, work at industrial sites, or have reckless children, you still have a plenty of reasons to choose a rugged phone. Do you tend to enjoy things that most people reject? To surround yourself with the unusual and make a statement? Have you always gone your own way, been independent minded and guided by your own unique taste? Then choosing a hip rugged phone over the traditional touch screen version will come naturally. Welcome to the family :-)