A novelty in the range of button phones for seniors by EVOLVEO confirms that flip phones, the so called V phones, are still popular. The EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP is a richly equipped senior button phone with a range of safety features such as an SOS button with advanced location localization or an SOS fall sensor. An additional supplementary display provides basic information and up-to-date notifications, including time or charge level. Other features include a 3.0 megapixel camera, FM radio, microSDHC memory expansion slot and a powerful flashlight. There are two colour versions - black and red. A charging stand is also included.


EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP is easy to use and has a clear and simple menu on a brilliantly legible 2.8" display.   Large, practical buttons and a gently contoured surface make it easy to handle and prevent the phone from slipping out of your hand. Eight speed dials can be set for calling favourite numbers or use the Photo Contacts function.


The EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP is equipped with enhanced security features. The central function is the SOS button, which automatically dials the preset numbers and sends an emergency message including location information. You can select up to five phone numbers to call and send SMS to. The phone uses all available options to determine your location based on their current availability: GPS signal, Wi-Fi and GSM mobile network. Each of these technologies is limited for determining location, but by combining them, the phone is able to give the most accurate result at any given time. If the GPS signal is not working reliably indoors, the phone can pinpoint your exact location using Wi-Fi. If there are at least two Wi-Fi networks within range of the phone, the phone is able to pinpoint your exact location even in a building. This significantly increases the success rate of finding them.


Phone for seniors EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP also allows you to send SMS with your current location to another phone. This feature can become critically important when the owner of the phone cannot be reached in any other way. You can set up contacts in your phone for people who are authorised to check this location.

Among the other safety features of the EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP push-button phone for seniors is the SOS fall sensor, which can assess that a fall has occurred and automatically start dialling preset numbers and sending SMS. If it is a false alarm, the function can be easily deactivated.


Availability and price
Button flip phone EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP is available in two colors (black and red) through a network of online stores and selected retailers for 1 490 CZK including VAT.


Key Features

  • simple operation
  • large 2.8" colour display
  • Additional display always on
  • high-quality 3.0Mpx camera with flash
  • Fotocontacts
  • SOS button for SOS calls and SMS with location localization
  • SOS fall sensor
  • getting GPS location from another phone
  • FM radio
  • powerful speaker for listening to FM radio and ringtones
  • stand for easy charging
  • Long battery life with 1000mAh battery
  • Display resolution 320 × 240 px
  • separate keyboard buttons
  • Light with the possibility of lighting even when the phone is switched off
  • Dedicated button for Camera and Photo Contacts
  • GSM/GPRS 850/900/1 800/1 900 MHz
  • MMS messaging support
  • Bluetooth
  • four user profiles
  • Quick access to 10 popular phone contacts
  • vibrating ringtone
  • image viewer
  • music player
  • digital audio recorder (dictaphone)
  • calendar
  • alarm clock
  • task list
  • calculator
  • ability to insert a microSDHC card
  • SIM card size: microSIM
  • maximum number of contacts stored in the phone: 300
  • 3.5mm headphone input
  • Li-ion battery 1 000 mAh
  • phone dimensions 120 × 58 × 14 mm
  • Weight 93 g with battery


Package contains

  • Evolveo EasyPhone FP mobile phone
  • charging stand
  • 230 V mains charger
  • stereo headset with hands-free
  • User manual

EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP,flip out 2.8" mobile phone for seniors with charging stand