EVOLVEO FlyMotion D1

Ergonomically shaped remote control in a nice, shiny black design with advanced functions for operating a smart device at a low price.

The EVOLVEO FlyMotion D1 gyroscopic remote with a keypad is a useful tool for the comfortable and fast operation of smart devices such as an Android multimedia box, Smart TV, HTPC, projectors, all-in-one PC/TV, etc.

The device has 6-axis motion measurement, which ensures precise and sensitive mouse movement around the virtual working space/screen of your multimedia player. On the reverse side of the device are large rubber push-buttons, used for the direct launch of your most frequently used functions. One of these buttons activates the microphone for voice control, it can send orders such as “OK Google” and requested tasks, which enables the user to control and search for desired content in the fastest and most convenient way possible. The remote control has a button that can be programmed, and which can learn infrared commands such as “turn on TV” from other remote controls. The learning function is done on your current remote control, and is compatible with 99% of remote controls on the market. On the face of the remote control you can find a QWERTY keypad. Thanks to the keypad, customers will not have to insert letters (or passwords) on a virtual keypad.
Communication between the multimedia system and the EVOLVEO FlyMotion D1 is done using a USB adapter with a reach of up to 10 metres, and is compatible thanks to Plug & Play technology, which usually means all Android devices or HTPC are supported.
The integrated battery of the remote control is charged using the included microUSB cable. The remote control can be turned off using the side on/off button. After any prolonged inactivity the device goes into “stand-by” mode – a battery saving mode.

Availability and price
EVOLVEO FlyMotion D1 is available in e-shops and selected stores. The recommended price is CZK 499, including VAT.

Main advantages:
• Gyroscopic mouse with adjustable sensitivity
• 6-axis motion measurement thanks to internal sensors
• Voice control support, integrated microphone
• Programmable button for infrared signal transmission
• Keypad on the reverse of the device
• Integrated battery charging done via microUSB cable

Additional parameters:
• USB dongle 2.4 GHz with a reach of up to 10 metres
• Indication LEDs
• Adjustable speed/sensitivity of the gyroscope (mouse movement speed)
• Button lock on the reverse side
• Automatic standby mode after prolonged inactivity
• On/Off button

Supported devices:
• AndroidBox, Mini PC, Smart TV, Projector, HTPC, all-in-one PC/TV

Supported operating systems:
• Android, Windows, Linux
• Plug & Play technology support

Product technical parameters:
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C
• Integrated 300 mAh lithium battery, 3.7 V
• Total energy consumption 9 mA
• Stand-by consumption 25 µA
• Number of keys: 57 push-buttons
• Device dimensions 158 × 55 × 16.5 mm
• Device weight 86.5 g

Package includes:
• EVOLVEO FlyMotion D1 remote control
• 2.4 GHz USB adapter – wireless receiver/transmitter
• Charging cable
• User manual