EVOLVEO StrongVision 2GB

This year EVOLVEO is launching its 4th trail camera model. It is the EVOLVEO StrongVision GB, a successor to the 2GA model which reflects the wishes of customers and introduces several new features.

Just like its predecessor, it is a camera with CMOS sensor and a resolution of 8 MPx, taking images in 20 Mpix quality and video in Full HD 1080p/30 fps. In daylight, the camera takes colour images, black and white at night. The trail camera is equipped with an IR flash which uses 36 IR LEDs, with a wavelength of 940 nm. Because potential intruders cannot spot the hidden trail camera, it is, therefore, suitable for protecting property.

The phone has a new camera with wide angle lens ƒ/3.1 and a 120° field of view, which ensures that no wild animal can escape your frame. The camera supports a Multishoot and a Timelapse mode, so it can be used to record the construction of your house and let you know how the builders are getting on.

There are motion sensors able to recognise movement and that use the trigger to take a picture. There are 3 PIR sensors with adjustable sensitivity and a field view of 120°.

Data transfer is controlled by a 2G/GSM module which is used to send the images via MMS and E-MAIL. Numerous trail cameras use software to adjust settings, enabling you to set up the trail camera on your PC. The EVOLVEO device is no different. What makes the StrongVision 2GB stand out from other devices is its use of the EVOLVEO MAIL SERVER, which makes setting your options simpler and more efficient. The servers are located in the Czech Republic, so you do not have to worry about your data.

If you want to extend battery life or protect the trail camera against possible thieves, there are accessories available in a form of protective metal box or solar panel. A power adapter is also newly available.

The EVOLVEO StrongVision 2GB is sold for the same price as its predecessor CZK 2,990.

• sending MMS/E-mails to multiple numbers at once
• 2G GSM network support
• TLS 1.0/1.1 for SMTP support
• waterproof IP65 design
• image resolution: 20 Mpix, 16 Mpix or 12 MPix
• camera lens 120°
• view angle 120°
• motion detection trigger
• trigger speed 0.5 seconds
• suitable for motion tracking around the house, cottage, shed, company building, warehouse, construction site or out in the wild
• time-lapse camera
• infrared night scanning
• 36x Infra LEDs with a wavelength of 940 nm – invisible spectrum
• IR LED 25 m range
• browsing images and playing videos on a camera display
• saving images and videos to a microSD card - up to 32 GB
• video resolution with audio Full HD, HD or VGA
• colour images in day mode, black and white images in night mode