How to choose a senior phone

Nowadays, mobile phones are an essential part of the lives of people of all ages. For seniors, however, the right senior phone with an SOS button can be more than just a means of communication - it can provide them with security, convenience and access to the modern digital world. When choosing a phone for seniors with big buttons, you should focus on simplicity, reliability and practical features for everyday use.

Here are a few important factors you should consider when choosing a senior phone:



Display and buttons:

  • Display size and readability: The display plays a key role in mobile phones for seniors. In addition to a large diagonal, it must offer a sufficiently clear image and large type to allow easy reading without the need for glasses. Also important is a high-contrast, easy-to-read display that provides good text readability in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. Practical features of push-button mobile phones include the ability to change font and icon sizes for better readability, which is especially important for visually impaired people who need individual settings to suit their needs.

  • Big and convenient buttons: When choosing the ideal senior phone, focus on key elements that ensure simplicity and convenience in everyday use. The keyboard should have large keys that are backlit for easy visibility even in low light conditions. A notable advantage is the context buttons located around the main keyboard, which allow quick access to important functions such as contacts, messages, alarm clock or calendar, without the need for complicated menu navigation. This ensures easy operation of the phone and easy access to all necessary functions, which is essential for the elderly.



Emergency Features:

  • SOS button: This essential feature allows you to quickly call for help in an emergency situation. Evolveo Senior Phones offer the possibility to set up to five phone numbers to which a text message asking for help will be sent if the SOS button is pressed, which is key to the safety features of phones for seniors.

  • SOS button with GPS location: Some models of phones with GPS location for seniors from EVOLVEO have an enhanced SOS button with geolocation capability. Users can activate SOS mode and send their location at the same time if needed. The phone uses GPS signal, WiFi and GSM cellular network to determine the location, which increases the probability of a successful find. When the SOS button is pressed, the phone automatically dials preset numbers and sends a message with information about the user's approximate location. In the event of an unforeseen situation, the SOS button can make it much easier for seniors to contact their loved ones, or even save their lives.

  • SOS fall sensor: Selected models are equipped with a Fall Safety Sensor, which is particularly useful in situations such as falling down stairs or on ice. A smart sensor can detect a crash and automatically start calling preset numbers and sending SMS. The function can also be easily deactivated in the event of a false alarm.



Practical features:

  • Battery life: When selecting a senior phone sufficient battery capacity is key, ideally at least 1000 mAh, to ensure long-term use without the need for frequent charging. Users can expect the phone to last several days or even longer than a week on a single charge.

  • Charging Cradle: The charging cradle is a handy accessory that simplifies handling and ensures your phone is always ready to use with a fully charged battery. The phone's ringtone activation function by pressing the button on the charging cradle helps users easily find the phone they put away.

  • High speaker volume:Internal speaker volume is an important feature of mobile phones for seniors, which ensures that ringtones and other audio signals are clearly audible even for the hearing impaired. This feature is useful not only for normal phone use, but also for activating alarms or reminders that can help seniors remember important tasks such as taking medication.
  • Camera: A camera on a senior mobile phone is often seen as a nice addition. For those who want to take pictures occasionally, it is advisable that the camera offers at least 2 megapixels resolution. The microSD card slot is a useful feature for expanding the memory where photos can be automatically saved.

  • Fotocontacts: The photocontact feature on some models of mobile devices for older people makes calling easier by allowing you to associate photos with selected contacts. A simple press of a button opens a menu of photo contacts, which helps with quick caller identification and increases the convenience of using the mobile phone.





  • Simple operating system:For devices designed for older users the ideal choice is a system with an intuitive and clear interface that is not overloaded with unnecessary features and applications, making it easy to navigate and use.

  • Practical features: A mobile phone for retirees should offer practical features such as an alarm clock, calendar, calculator and LED flashlight to enhance comfort and convenience in everyday use.
    Safety and durability:
  • Resistance to drops and spills: Choose a phone with a solid design and durable plastic processing that can withstand rough handling and accidental drops.


In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that choosing the right senior phone has a major impact on the quality of life for seniors. EVOLVEO phones offer practical features and safety features to ensure safety and convenience in everyday use. Their wide functionality, including SOS button, fall sensor and photo contacts, provides not only the necessary help in emergency situations, but also the possibility of active communication and capturing family moments.

These phones may not only be designed for seniors, but are also an ideal choice for children thanks to their limited features and SOS button.

With EVOLVEO phones, seniors can enjoy their independence with a sense of security and safety.