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Abacus Electric introduces a new push-button mobile phone for seniors, adding another model to an already substantial series.

The EVOLVEO EasyPhone FG has a large 2.8" screen, two individual buttons for accepting and rejecting calls located on top of the flip phone, and a keypad with big, easy-to-read push-buttons. It supports two active SIM cards, and the phone’s surface is finely grooved, which makes it easy to handle and prevents it slipping out of the hand.


EVOLVEO Armor speakers float and play music!

EVOLVEO presents new loudspeakers – the Armor O1 and O2 (smaller option) and the Armor O5 and O6 (larger option).
The smaller option offers compact waterproof 12 W loudspeakers with a battery life of 24 h and a price of CZK 890. The larger option’s power is 40 W, the battery life is 20 h, and it costs CZK 1,590.

The speakers can be used at a pool party, when canoeing down the river, or out in the countryside. In the water they are like ducks! They float and play! Their rubber-covered surface boosts their fall resilience. The built-in loop and included cord means they can be hung on backpacks or bags, ensuring you never leave your speaker behind.

EVOLVEO StrongPhone G5

A rugged phone for universal use.

EVOLVEO StrongPhone G5 is a new member of the EVOLVEO StrongPhone durable smartphone series and offers maximum durability, 5.5" screen with HD+ technology, high performance, a high-quality dual 13 MPx + 0.3 MPx camera, great battery life with a capacity of 5000 mAh, and ergonomic design. The package includes an NFC chip for contactless payment, a fingerprint reader for high security and IP68 certification, demonstrating the phone’s resilience to harsh treatment.

EVOLVEO StrongPhone G9

EVOLVEO StrongPhone G9 – A powerful and rugged mobile.

The unbreakable StrongPhone G9 is appreciated not only by people with challenging occupations, but also customers who want a solid construction and no compromises. Thanks to its power, camera, and functions, it is just as good as other smartphones in its category, but has an almost indestructible construction. Its main advantages include an octa-core processor with 2.0 GHz speed, 4 GB RAM, a 48 Mpx camera, the latest eSIM support, and the combination of a 5000 mAh battery and the Android 10.0 operating system that offers up to 4 days of service life. The large 6.2" HD+ screen with a tear-shaped cut, IPS technology and protective Gorilla Glass provides maximum experience when watching movies, playing games, or video calling with friends. All of the above comes in a stylish package with IP69 certification for maximum durability whatever the conditions.


Simple operation and big push-buttons. A mobile phone for seniors with FM radio and a colour screen.

EVOLVEO presents another model of push-button mobile from the EasyPhone series. Thanks to their features – simple push-button control, big onscreen letters and numerals, and an SOS button – the target group of these telephones are seniors, who can benefit from the convenient and easy access to the modern, digitally connected world.

EVOLVEO StrongPhone G7

A true knight in full, shining armor.

The new waterproof EVOLVEO StrongPhone G7 fulfills customer wishes regarding durability as well as battery life. The capacity of this model’s battery is 6500 mAh. Its parameters and design will draw your breath

The EVOLVEO StrongPhone G7 is a fully-fledged smartphone, offering an octa-core 64-bit processor, an unmodified Android 9.0 operating system, and long battery life thanks to a high-capacity 6500 mAh battery that supports fast and wireless charging. This 4G/LTE dual SIM telephone has a fingerprint reader, uses a USB type-C connector, and comes with an internal memory of 32 GB.


Push-button flip phone under CZK 1,000.

EVOLVEO presents a fully-fledged mobile flip phone for seniors – the EasyPhone FD, with big push-buttons

The new EVOLVEO EasyPhone FD extends the company’s offer of push-button mobiles. It is easy to operate and intended for anyone who wants to operate their phone without anxiety or effort. EasyPhone FD is an elegant flip phone with two colour screens, big push-buttons, a dual SIM mode, and microSD support. Two colour designs – black and red. The package includes a practical charging stand. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price.

EVOLVEO StrongPhone F5

Extremely durable “flip phone”.

The outdoor EVOLVEO StrongPhone F5 is a classic “flip phone” with robust construction, high durability, and IP68 certification

A new product in the firmament of rugged EVOLVEO phones, it builds on the popular V-shaped design of mobile phones while offering increased durability. The EVOLVEO StrongPhone F5 has a robust, durable design and is resistant to falls, water, dust and harsh treatment. It meets the IP68 certification and can be immersed at a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes. The flip design enables it to be used and carried easily. The StrongPhone F5 has two displays. The main, easy-to-read 2.4" screen with increased resilience to pressure and scratches is available when the phone is open. A smaller 1.44" screen on the front of the phone displays important information even when the phone is closed (e.g. incoming calls, date, time, missed calls/text messages, and battery life).

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