Camera systems EVOLVEO Detective

EVOLVEO is expanding its range of video surveillance products with three new sets of complete Detective systems that secure private homes and apartments, as well as corporate premises, offices, warehouses and production halls. Wireless video surveillance systems Detective WN8 Smart, Detective POE8 Smart and Detective IP8 Smart use the EVOLVEO Smart app for iOS and Android. The individual kits consist of four cameras and an NVR unit to which a monitor can be connected. The cameras are equipped with night IR illumination and meet IP 66 standards. They are therefore also suitable for outdoor use. The NVR units of all these systems support up to 8 channels and the systems can be further expanded with four more compatible cameras of the EVOLVEO series, including a highly durable antivandal camera. The NVR has a SATA 3.5 or 2.5-inch drive bay for up to 8 TB of stored data.



EVOLVEO brings to the market the original wireless headphones with integrated player and high IP68 water resistance with one meter immersion. The headphones can also be used for swimming and surprise with a deep bass sound. EVOLVEO BoneSwim MP3 can withstand adverse conditions and are also suitable for other sports such as running or cycling. Thanks to the open design of the headphones, ambient sound can also be heard. This increases the safety of use. The sound is transmitted through the cheekbones, the headphones have a sophisticated construction, ergonomic design and a weight of only 29 grams.


EVOLVEO expands its range of products for smart home and introduces child video baby monitor with automatic baby cry detection EVOLVEO NL4 and a range of up to 300 meters, remote-controlled camera and temperature sensor


EVOLVEO expands its SMART range of smart home products with the EVOLVEO Detective BT4 SMART. This set is designed for necessary security of apartment, house, office, cottage or garage in case of other premises. The kit consists of a centralized HomeBase storage with 32 GB memory capacity, two Full HD 1080p cameras with PIR sensor and a 5,000 mAh battery including brackets. The cameras have their own integrated 60 db siren. The cameras also include a microphone and speaker for two-way voice communication. The set includes the necessary USB-C and UTP cables. The system can be expanded with two additional cameras BT1 Smart, which are sold separately. 


Button EVOLVEO EasyPhone LT< is the first 4G phone for seniors from EVOLVEO. The phone is equipped with two nano SIM slots for the possibility of using two different phone numbers at the same time. In the event of an SOS alarm, the phone locates itself using the GPS module and uses available Wi-Fi networks to refine its position, then immediately sends the information in an SMS message. You can store up to two thousand contacts on your phone, plus ten photo contacts. With the inclusion of the new EasyPhone LT model in its range of push-button phones, EVOLVEO confirms the market's continued interest in push-button senior phones.


EVOLVEO Alarmex Pro

Wireless WiFi/GSM security device EVOLVEO Alarmex Pro is a new addition to the EVOLVEO Smart range of products for smart home. The EVOLVEO Alarmex Pro represents a new generation of alarms, it is a fully expandable system with Czech language support, a mobile app for Android and iOS and which supports up to 200 sensors.



EVOLVEO launches a range of graphic tablets, featuring fast response, high sensitivity and resolution of the sensing layer. This ensures smooth and precise strokes. All EVOLVEO Grafico series tablets (T12, T8 and TW) include a wireless pen with 8,192 pressure levels and 233 PPS response. The sensing layer has a resolution of 5,080 LPI with pen detection 15 mm above the work surface. In addition, 30 spare tips and a graphic glove are included. All EVOLVEO Grafico tablet worksurfaces allow inversion for left-handed work. The tablets are powered via USB and support devices with PC, Mac OS and Android operating systems.


The EVOLVEO Ringo DB2 is an integral element of the modern home with many features. Installation is easy and the outdoor camera unit communicates wirelessly with an indoor doorbell connected to a power outlet. The smart wireless video doorbell EVOLVEO Ringo DB2 connects to your home Wi-Fi network and easily pairs with your smartphone using the mobile app for Android and iOS. Control is easy and simple. Using a mobile phone, the video doorbell can be controlled, monitor the area outside the entrance and initiate two-way communication from literally anywhere.



A novelty in the range of button phones for seniors by EVOLVEO confirms that flip phones, the so called V phones, are still popular. The EVOLVEO EasyPhone FP is a richly equipped senior button phone with a range of safety features such as an SOS button with advanced location localization or an SOS fall sensor. An additional supplementary display provides basic information and up-to-date notifications, including time or charge level. Other features include a 3.0 megapixel camera, FM radio, microSDHC memory expansion slot and a powerful flashlight. There are two colour versions - black and red. A charging stand is also included.


Smart outdoor socket EVOLVEO Terra NV4 meets the conditions of IP44 certification and resists splashing water and dust. This simple and fully functional device allows you to easily control connected devices not only in the home but also in outdoor areas such as the garden.

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