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EVOLVEO StrongPhone Z4

The next new product in the EVOLVEO range of durable telephones follows its successful predecessor, the StrongPhone Z3 model, bringing many new advantageous features.

EVOLVEO Tiny G1 & G2

The EVOLVEO brand is launching its attractive SSD/HDD frames with gaming designs and all-metal construction. For the price of CZK 349, including VAT, you can buy the SSD/HDD frame Tiny G1, and the Tiny G2 for the price of CZK 490, including VAT

EVOLVEO deXy 2 a 3

The EVOLVEO brand presents two attractive monitor stands. For the price of CZK 990, including VAT, you can buy the monitor stand deXy 2 with a USB hub, and for the price of CZK 1,290, including VAT, a deXy 3 with a hub and charging station for 2.5" HDD/SSD


EVOLVEO presents a new walkie talkie. For the price of CZK 1,390, including VAT, you can buy a walkie talkie with switchable power to ensure greater range than other walkie talkies in the PMR 446 frequency band.

EVOLVEO Hybrid Box T2

EVOLVEO, a leading supplier of customer electronics with a strong Czech tradition, now presents another product from their multimedia boxes: it combines a set-top box with an Android multimedia box in one device.

EVOLVEO StrongVision 2GB

This year EVOLVEO is launching its 4th trail camera model. It is the EVOLVEO StrongVision GB, a successor to the 2GA model which reflects the wishes of customers and introduces several new features.

Just like its predecessor, it is a camera with CMOS sensor and a resolution of 8 MPx, taking images in 20 Mpix quality and video in Full HD 1080p/30 fps. In daylight, the camera takes colour images, black and white at night. The trail camera is equipped with an IR flash which uses 36 IR LEDs, with a wavelength of 940 nm. Because potential intruders cannot spot the hidden trail camera, it is, therefore, suitable for protecting property.


EVOLVEO is offering a unique, innovative device in relation to USB DVB-T2 tuners for your computer or laptop.

It is a two-tuner device for receiving DVB-T2 terrestrial broadcasts. This USB tuner is actually a small USB set top box, its uniqueness owing to its inclusion of two DVB-T2 USB tuners, which allow you to watch your favourite TV series and movies on your PC or laptop. In addition, you can watch one show and record the other at the same time.

EVOLVEO FlyMotion D1

Ergonomically shaped remote control in a nice, shiny black design with advanced functions for operating a smart device at a low price.

The EVOLVEO FlyMotion D1 gyroscopic remote with a keypad is a useful tool for the comfortable and fast operation of smart devices such as an Android multimedia box, Smart TV, HTPC, projectors, all-in-one PC/TV, etc.


Abacus Electric introduces a new push-button mobile phone for seniors, adding another model to an already substantial series.

The EVOLVEO EasyPhone FG has a large 2.8" screen, two individual buttons for accepting and rejecting calls located on top of the flip phone, and a keypad with big, easy-to-read push-buttons. It supports two active SIM cards, and the phone’s surface is finely grooved, which makes it easy to handle and prevents it slipping out of the hand.


EVOLVEO Armor speakers float and play music!

EVOLVEO presents new loudspeakers – the Armor O1 and O2 (smaller option) and the Armor O5 and O6 (larger option).
The smaller option offers compact waterproof 12 W loudspeakers with a battery life of 24 h and a price of CZK 890. The larger option’s power is 40 W, the battery life is 20 h, and it costs CZK 1,590.

The speakers can be used at a pool party, when canoeing down the river, or out in the countryside. In the water they are like ducks! They float and play! Their rubber-covered surface boosts their fall resilience. The built-in loop and included cord means they can be hung on backpacks or bags, ensuring you never leave your speaker behind.

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