EVOLVEO is offering a unique, innovative device in relation to USB DVB-T2 tuners for your computer or laptop.

It is a two-tuner device for receiving DVB-T2 terrestrial broadcasts. This USB tuner is actually a small USB set top box, its uniqueness owing to its inclusion of two DVB-T2 USB tuners, which allow you to watch your favourite TV series and movies on your PC or laptop. In addition, you can watch one show and record the other at the same time.

Thanks to the regular antenna connector, it is possible to connect the USB tuner VENUS T2 into the shared STA in the apartment buildings, or you can use the included antennas – they have very good signal reception. The USB tuner does not need any external power source, just connect it to the USB 2.0 port of your laptop and watch television almost everywhere. Students staying in dorms and professional drivers will especially appreciate this feature, as they can connect the device to their laptop.


USB tuner VENUS T2 can receive DVB-T, DVB-T2 and HEVC/H.265 signals. Another benefit are the software functions like TIMESHIFT, EPG, JPEG and PIP image capture in HD. EVOLVEO Venus T2 can be bought for CZK 1,490, including VAT.



  • supports TimeSHIFT – watch a show from the beginning while the rest of it is being recorded
  • possible automatic shut-down after your computer finishes recording
  • supports planned downloading from EPG
  • supports EPG
  • supports HDTV, HEVC/H.265
  • supports mpg-II Audio Layer I & II/AAC
  • auto tuning
  • screenshot function in the JPEG format
  • antenna has a standard connector and can be easily attached to your current antenna
  • 75 Ohm antenna input
  • dimensions 86 x 30 x 16.5 mm


System requirements for watching and downloading DVB-T2

  • Windows XP (SP2)/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
  • Pentium 2.4 GHz and higher
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • Graphics card with 1 GB memory or more
  • Sound card
  • Microsoft direct X 9.0 or higher
  • one 2.0 USB port


Package includes

  • USB DVB-T2 USB tuner EVOLVEO Venus T2
  • DVB-T2 antenna
  • user manual